FP Museum

The Freedom Park Museum building has on its first floor, permanent installations of materials that represent the ‗Spirit of the Prisons.‘ This floor has been designed to replicate structures of the former prisons and has on display original materials including window bars, cannon balls, and farm tools used by the prisoners. Also on display are works that speak to the transformation of the prison into its current body as well as records, photographs, and architectural plans.
The ground floor of the museum is an empty space occasionally used for art exhibitions, workshops, screenings, seminars, and other programs. It has a 100-person sitting capacity.

Properties: burst of natural light from screen doors, 10m high walls, screed walls, gallery lighting, full PA system, projection with large 6‖x6‖ screen.

Freedom Park Spaces
Kongi‘s Harvest Art Gallery:

This building comprises four exhibition spaces: the main galleries on the ground and 1st floors, as well as foyer galleries on both floors. The galleries cater primarily to art exhibitions, book presentations, launchings, seminars, screenings, corporate meetings and conferences. The foyers are usually used as extension for the on-going activity in either of the gallery rooms— as reception space, sale area, or exterior display area (during exhibitions).
The galleries have a 120-person sitting capacity on each floor.
Properties: ceiling level natural light, 10.5m high walls, screed walls, gallery lighting, full PA system, projection with large 6‖x6‖ screen.


The amphitheater is an outdoor open space that sits 250 to 300 people. It is mostly used for stage performances, rehearsals, educational and corporate exercises.

Main Stage

This area has a 700-person sitting capacity and is used for concerts, festival programs, as well as stage performances.

Food Court:

Also referred to as the ‘small stage‘, this outdoor space sits 200 people and overlooks the building that houses the food and drink vendors stationed in the Park. This space is equally functional for concerts and outdoor activities such as screenings, dinner nights, educational workshops, and meetings.

Garden Grounds

All around the Park are green spaces suitable for intimate hangouts, art workshops and exhibitions, as well as performances.

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