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Building The Table of Hope

February 26 @ 11:00 am - March 3 @ 7:00 pm


The Table of Hope(TOH) is a conceptual table construction project conceived as an avenue for transformative dialogue. It creates space for confronting difficult topic as individuals and as a collective. The core message of this social art project: ”We should sit at the same table, partake of life together, and listen to one another.” This project is ever-moving and evolving, as the concept is to carry the ‘baton of hope’ from one location to the next. First executed in 2014, the Table of Hope has travelled to South Africa and Ghana.

The Table of Hope, Nigeria, is an important platform to address this widespread disillusion and disconnection. Despite the detachment, there remains an undeniable pride, resilience, and innovation among the people, rendering the nation brimming with vitality.

The Table of Hope seeks to create space for the emergence of hope and redirect its vibrant energy toward positive transformation. By fostering dialogue and introspection, it aims to reignite a sense of connection to Nigerian Heritage and identity, allowing individuals to reclaim their aspirations and rediscover their relationship with the land and each other.

The Table of Hope team invites YOU to join them in building a table containing our innermost desires. You are invited to share, connect, cry, and laugh with us as we journey through the streets of Lagos collecting hope.


Skeletal Cells, Freedom Park Lagos

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