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Events line up.
Freedom Park Lagos today announced the schedule of events slated to mark their 10th year Anniversary.
The news comes in the wake of the Lagos Government’s approval to reopen the park after 6months of lockdown due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

Freedom Park will be 10years old as Nigeria celebrates its 60th; we are reaching out for the support of the Freedom Park Press, Friends, and partners to achieve a worthy celebration for this bastion of arts and culture.

Find below the lineup of events that kicks off on the 30th of September to 30th October 2020.


EXHIBITIONS: in partnership with the Lagos Philatelic Club and supported by NTA, VON, Nipost, Tribune.

* 200 stamps on A4 depicting 60 years of Nationhood
* 60 Selected Stamps with artists impression about Nigerian History
* 60 Nigeria Heros represented on Stamps
* Pictures of Nigerian Civil War and political History
* 1st of October editions of Nigeria Tribune from 1960 to Date
* Voice of Nigeria News script for independence and other key events
* Nigerian Television Authority first camera and reel, in working condition.
* And other Archival materials from the National Museum and the National Center for Arts and culture.

1. Speaker’s corner with Hon. Kunle Alli on the history of Lagos.
2. Speakers corner with Wole Soyinka on Nigeria and the youth.
3. Speakers corner-Youth forum: Our vision for Nigeria.
-Community trade fair (LIC)
-Freedom Park Awards night

1. Esthers Revenge- performed by Paw Studios Nigeria.
2. Woza Albert ( Wats Dis All About) performed by One Six Productions
3. Noel Greg’s Whispers In The Dark performed by Crown Troupe of Africa

Felabration Concerts

To know more, kindly contact us with the number above and also follow us across all social media platforms.

Instagram: @freedomparklagos
Twitter: @freedomparkng
Facebook: Freedom Park Lagos
YouTube: Freedom Park Lagos.

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